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Travel Tips

  1. If booking a holiday at a hotel, if needed, try to choose a disabled room. These rooms are generally the same quality as other rooms but have a 'walk-in' shower, sometimes with a seat! Also check if there are elevators, as many small hotels have stairs which can be quite annoying to deal with after a day of sightseeing.
  2. Keep a 'snap & heat' pack in your bag for times when you want to apply heat for stiffness and don't have a microwave nearby to heat a wheat bag. These can be bought from most chemists.
  3. If going away on holiday, instead of taking all your pills in separate bottles/packs, buy a 'weekly' or 'monthly' pill container which has a compartment for each day. It certainly saves space and makes it easier when you are living out of a suitcase. If travelling internationally, it is a good idea to take a doctor's letter with you to explain what medications you are taking.
  4. When checking in at an airport, if you are having difficulty standing, there are always wheelchairs available to use. Or you can mention your problem to the staff who will often move you to the front of the queue. Also, if the airport is huge and there are long distances to walk, you can use the wheelchair to get to your departure gate. You can arrange a wheelchair to be available at your destination airport by mentioning this at check-in.
  5. You're on holiday, you've had a busy day of sightseeing, your feet are killing you. You get back to your accommodation and you just want to plant your fee into a tub of hot water to soothe the aches. If you are travelling lightly, you probably haven't brought along your foot spa. What's the next best thing? An inflatable foot bath! These are great. Basically just blow them up, fill with water and soak your tired feet. Then just empty, deflate and pack back in your suitcase. They take up virtually no room at all.

Around the house

  1. A long stick with a 'hook' on the end can be an invaluable tool around the house. It's great for grabbing clothes off the floor, pulling up socks, even scratching a hard to get at itch.
  2. When preparing meals, if you have a lot of things to chop up, sit down to do it - save the feet!

Everyday Tips

  1. Don't be afraid to make friends aware of your limitations. If they are planning an outing or event, be sure there are adequate facilities for you and that you plan a few rest breaks.
  2. Always keep a small pill box in your bag with an 'emergency' dose of pills. There's nothing worse than being caught short if you are late home or want to change plans at the last minute.
  3. If you need to purchase lots of medications, try to use the same chemist, as they can keep your scripts on file, instead of you. This means you can call them up and put a script through ahead of time, then pick it up when it is convenient. Using the same chemist also means that your purchases are monitored on their computer, and they can alert you when you have reached the PBS threshhold. The chemist will then supply you with a PBS card to use for the rest of the year. This card can be presented at any chemist and you will receive the cheap Health Card rate for your script.

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